Visit the Astounding Puerto Lopez for your Next Vacation

Puerto Lopez is a famous fishing village on the Pacific coast in Ecuador’s Manabí Province. Puerto Lopez is renowned as it is the Machalilla National Park headquarters. The main industries here include fishing and ecotourism. The beautiful place is ideal for your next vacation. Visit here with your loved ones and explore the fun places and indulge in exciting activities that this place offers so hurry make your allegiant airlines reservations today!

Here are some of the finest things to do here in Puerto Lopez:


It is a famous and quiet beach in the region. A lot of locals visit here during the evening time just to spend some peaceful time. Sit here and watch the magical sunset with your dear ones. Click some astounding pictures here and make memories.

Playa Los Frailes

This is another great beach in the region that is great to spend some hours. It offers some brilliant views around that are great to click some aesthetic pictures. Witness the waves smashing on the underneath rocks. It is located near the Agua Blanca, another great attraction around the village.

Isla de la Plata

The natural spot is great to spend some time with your loved ones. Witness the great variety of birds like glorious frigate fowls, gooney birds, etc. Spend some time here to stay away from the chaotic city life.

Restaurant Carmita

The renowned eatery of the region offers impeccable South American food that you must experience during your vacation in Ecuador. The large porch is ideal to have a great experience of dining. Visit here to have a wonderful lunch or dinner. Order some fish dishes in addition to ceviches, blended rice, and chicken plates. The octopus in garlic sauce is the specialty of this eatery. Order something great to drink from their exquisite menu.

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