Olinda City in Brazilis A Fab Place to Spend Your Vacation with Allegiant Air Reservations

Olinda is a beautiful city in Brazil that is well-known among vacationers. If you’re planning to go on a trip to Latin America, then you must visit Brazil and this amazing city. Witness the great colonial structures and ancient townships. The city is located near the renowned city of Recife. The city is one of the oldest in Brazil and was flourished back in 1535 by the Portuguese. The city is known for its great architecture, old churches, monasteries, and vibrant houses. Visit the city during your trip to Brazil and explore numerous galleries and museums. So book your confirmed Allegiant Airlines Flights today at the Allegiant Airlines Official Site!

Following are some amazing spots that you must visit during your vacation in the city:

Bodega de Véio

Visit here to taste some of the best cold packaged brews or shots of cachaça (sugarcane alcohol). Try the amazing drinks here and order some amazing food too. This is one of the primary places in the city where you must visit when you’re around. Order some spaghetti that is the USP of this place and later go shopping around here.

Oficina do Sabor

Head to Oficina do Sabr and try the iconic shrimp and lobster. The place serves one of the best seafood around the city. Must visit this place if you like seafood. Try the incredible variety of fish here and the delicious crab cooked with coconut and parsley. Order some impeccable Brazilian wine here and experience the native taste of Latin America.


Visit Beijupira that is renowned for its variety of fish and other seafood. The place offers a rooftop setting from where you can have the entire view of Olinda city. Order some yummy shrimp in whisky and béchamel sauce with pineapple lumps, or the beijucastanha (filet fish).

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